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Personal consultant

The ability to deliver clear, focused and explicit messages. Persuade people in one on one meetings as well as in different forums, conventions and work plans has become a central and crucial need. These needs exist in many management scales across businesses today.

During our training sessions, we teach innovative tools in the world of interpersonal communication and management that are being taught over a decade in the demanding corporate world and in leading academic institutes in Israel. These tools are being used, among other things, to promote processes in the best most effective way in the organization. In addition, they allow a more effective and professional way of leading and managing. 

You are the expert, all you need to do now, is show it!

Workshops for corporates and businesses

The succeess of the business lays souly on it's people. Most organizations can increase revenues and reduce costs by utilizing existing resources and especially the human resource.  The ability of managers and employees to explain themselves accurately from the moment they convey a message, results in the organization beeing more effective intra-organizational (time = money) and infront of the customer. Our workshops are tailor-made per each customer.  The ability to present one's opinion in an intriguing, convincing manner is a crucial asset to any professional, regardless of his/her field.  In this workshop, participants will learn how to captivate their audience, and how to consolidate large amounts of information into a unified, clear message that is matched to their target audience. The employees will work together and will learn how to improve their performances thanks to better interpersonal communication. 


What sets an honor student no.1 apart from an honor student no.2?

what is the difference between  a student with an 85 average score from another student with the same average score?

Nowdays, when competition is so great, the students and the academy acknowledge the need to collect practical skills in the field of interpersonal communication and customer management from the "real world'', while completing the degree. These skills will provide the students with a significant advantage, during and after studies, and create differentiation between them and all the others that go into the market with same qualifications on paper. 

As part of our activity in academic institutes we operate across diverse audiences and frameworks:

1. Courses for BA students – that grant credit points per degree.

2. Elective courses for MA and honor students.

3. Training for the senior academic staff in presenting a more interesting and effective class.

4. Courses via students' union.

5. Training for the administrative staff.

Non profits

In the last couple of years a conceptual change occurred in the social world. Today, more and more nonprofit organizations understand that in order to achieve the social goals for which they were established, they need to operate and speak the  language of the business world: managerial language, result focused vision, defining goals and striving to achieve them.
Through our work with third sector organizations, we teach several skills:
Improving presentation ability in front of donors and fund raising.
Recruit activists and volunteers.
Persuasion and motivation for action – even without a financial reward.
Minimalizing and managing conflicts.
Improving inner organizational communication.
Media appearances.
We train NPO CEO's, funds, activists and volunteers, who receive the most innovative tools in interpersonal communication. These tools are being studied for the past decade in the demanding corporate world and in the leading academic institutes in the country. Tools that will be used, among other things, to promote processes in the best and quickest way, manage and lead their subordinates in the most effective and professional manner and in order to support decision making processes.

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